H is for Hundred

What is it about the number 100?   As a society I think we are obsessed with the number 100.  At the end of the year we always see lists about everything – the top 100 songs of the year, top 100 movies, top 100 new fashions, top 100 apps for the iphone etc…..

Why the 100?   Maybe because it is so easy to manipulate.  Percent is a comparison to 100.  The dollar ($) our base currency is based on 100 pennies.  There are 100 Beatles Songs represented in this poster!!!

So hundred is a small reading in our book, but pretty big in our lives.  I look forward to your responses!  Mr. G


73 thoughts on “H is for Hundred

  1. Patrick Floyd

    100 is a large number but not that big.i never knew cetipede meant 100 feet.this article helped me learn lots of useful things about one hundred.there are 100 degrees between freezing and boiling.this is called centigrade and degress celisus.there are lots words that start with centi.H is for Honor.

  2. kalani

    a 100 is a cool number.i also learned that there are a 100 degrees between coold and boiling.h is also ham my favorite food and humble.

  3. Travion long

    What i learned that there is 100 degrees between freezing and boiling. Water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees. When a country turns 100 years old they celebrate the country’s centennial. 100 more years it is bicentennial. 100 years is a century.

  4. chalil

    if a city centennials why do we celebrate ney years also h is for horespower

  5. chalil

    if a century is a hundred years how long is a millenium

  6. Jovanni perez

    H is for Hundred and its a important number.Because its use in cents,dollars,centimes,franc,centavos,peso and more.H is for Horsepower wich is found in a car.The easy car horsepower could be found in is a MUSTANG.

  7. shia

    hundred is used for more than entertainment it can be used in like the police they say alot of numbers to i dentify things and rating things out of a hunddred

  8. Alanis Gomez

    Well that was very interesting to read..Sort of. Though it’s interesting because there are 100 degrees between freezing in boiling.Also the thing with the centipede was pretty weird. If you were to look at a centipede at a glance you might think it has a ton of legs but in the H is for Hundred it says it only has about 30-40 legs, so maybe the person who named the creature didn’t really think about the legs.Well there really isn’t much else to say (well not that I can say). H is also for hypotenuse. Wasn’t the hypotenuse something that revolved around triangles..In geometry, a hypotenuse is the longest side of a right-angled triangle.

  9. Raisa [:

    CENTt appears on this page, 16 times! 🙂 Yes, I did count.There are 100 pennies, or CENTs in $1.00. There are 100 years in a CENTury. Someone who’s 100 years old, is called a CENTenarian.
    CENT, is the latin word for one hundred (I think), and we share many base words with the Latin language. It’s pretty helpful, as well as VERY common in our everyday language. “That’ll be 99 CENTs in change! Ew, look at that CENTipede!”
    I thought centipedes had 100 legs! And what does a CENTaur have to do with 100? They have 4 legs and two arms?
    H is also for hypotenuse. The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle, opposite and adjacent to the other legs 🙂

    • Gaby T

      Well centaur doesn’t have the prefix CENTI but CENT, so I can guess that is why they have so little parts ha!

  10. Anthony nieves

    wow we depend on hundred for percents dallars fractions and more. Its really interesting how we depend on hundreds soo much ,but its easy to underestimate it

  11. Collin A

    Hundred is a very essential number in our number system aswell as for our everyday life. It’s used to express percents, dollars, fraction, and much more. I never actually thought and analyzed how dependant we are on our hundred. And i never knew that a centipede only had about 40 legs. Also H is for Hypotenuse.

  12. Gaby T

    Well, this response gave me no information that I didn’t know before. But I guess you can’t expect much variety in a children’s book. However, hundred is represented as 100 in numerical form. It is also a unit of measurement used in money and used when mentioned a centipede because the prefix centi means a hundred feet. Other words that begins with the letter H are: hundredths ( like my creativeness?), hope, hop, help and other things…

  13. Jose Vargas

    H is for Hundred which appears a lot of times in our short one human life. Cien is 100 in spanish which is simlar to putting Cen infront of words like Centaur. There are 15 words in this passage that begin with the word Cen. To answer the Centaur’s question was that since he is a “horse” is he has horsepower which is also for H ^_^

  14. Cesar C

    I wonder if it is just a coincidence but I noticed that a few words that have to do with 100 have the centi or cent word form. I wonder if that is why that the amount of money is out of 100 named by cents. Even though this is only one of the few examples of 100 it shows that the number 100 is very essential to our way of money and naming things as an example a centennial celebration.

  15. natalie

    My question is why hundred? What is so special about hundred? The way one can tell whether something has to do with hundred is by the root centi. Centi is used in mostly everything that has to deal with hundred. For example, centimeter, centipede etc. I never understood why one called a person who lived for a hundred years were called centenerian. Who could live a hundred years? They must look very ragidy and old. Not attractive 🙂
    H is also for helix. Helix meaning a type of smooth space curve.

  16. gordon montanez

    H is for Hundred and its a important number.Because its use in cents,dollars,centimeters,centavos,peso and more.

  17. michael balbuena

    After reading H is for Hundred ,they say that hundred is an important number that why every where on each number line and ruler. then there was a centuar was a hundred. and i thought it was really funny and i really liked it.

    • michael balbuena

      aFTER READING h IS FOR HUNDRED, i learned that 100 is a very important number. That’s why it is in every number on like a cm ruler and on a number line. that why it is so important and there is a centour name after a 100 so i thought it was really funny. They use it for their currency.

  18. ihernandez

    Base on this passage h is for hundred I like how they express money in diferent languages and the meaning means the same amout of money.Like for example in the passage h is for hundred in engish 100 cents is a dollar. In mexico they say 100 peso and in France they say 100 frans.

  19. isaias

    100 is a very inportant number in our dayly lives like 100 cents are in one dollar. Or that in everywhere in the world but not america the all them us a different tipe of thermometer.Also when you are 100 years old like MR.Garber you are called a centennial and if your 200 years old like MR.GARBER again! you wil be called a bicentennial. also H is for HOW TO ADD.

  20. David Silva

    A hundred has always been in my life.Once my cousin did the craziest thing ever, he brought 100 pennies just so he can get a stupid bag of chips. Just walking with him made me feel weird. My favorite word to use for a hundred dollar bill is a Benjie since Benjimin Franklin is on the 100 dollar bill. I learned that people back then were very fat and lazy because if you want to say something you should make sure it’s a fact instead of a opinion. H is also for horsepower,height, and half.

  21. christy

    basically what i learned is the importants of 100 and the word onehundred, i leanered how 100 contibuets to many things in many ways , such as how in france there are 100 centimeters in a franc , and how there are 100 centemeters in a meter and how in mexico there are 100 centavos. the number 100 is also used in tempeter such as degreese celsuis, the number 100 also can mean an amount of something, such as the amount of years a person had lived, like if a person lived for 100 years they would be called a centenarian , or a celebration of something that has gone on for 100 years and has a celbration for the ocation , its called the counrty CENTENNIAL. 100 is included in many different ways , H is for hundred!! H is also for HECTAGON!

  22. nburris

    H is for hundred Would you rather have a hundred dollars or a hundred quarters? A hundred is a big number. You can find a hundred in many different place. There is 100 degrees between freezing and boiling in the kind of thermometer that is used by everywhere in the world except the United States. There is also a year in a century. When a person lives for a century they are called “centenarian”. H is also for hypotenuse, the hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle.

  23. Michael M.

    I always use a hundred in my life. $100 can be a different meaning for different countries for example Mexico, France and so many more. Another thing is that you can find the square root of 100. H is for helix and horsepower. Horsepower is speed.

  24. Whats so cool is that H is for Hundred is used in our everyday life. I say this because H is for Hundred has to deal with Cents, Centimeters, Dollars, Centavos, and or Pesos. The number 100 is a big important number in our or my everyday life. This story is good enough to share with your family and friends. COOL. H is for HOLLISTER!

  25. johnny big boiii

    what is a hundred ? i learewned more about hundred from g is fro gogal and many more things

  26. sojourner

    okay 100 is such a cool number did you know that there 100 degress between frezzing and boling.h is also for hoursepower which is the technology we use for the speed of cars. also i know the top 100 songs for last year

  27. Bryant

    I knew cetiped meant 100 feet. This article helped me alot about one hundred. H is for hundred is important because its use for cents, dollars, centimes, franc, centavos, peso and more. H is for honor.

  28. caroline perez

    h is for hundred my great grand mother is turning 100 that’s amazing and back in elementary school in first grade there was a hundred day and i would pick ten sections of thing like for ex pennies,candy,pens,and markers and more it was cool and i think mrg is hundred to that’s what he says but i don’t believe him and h is also for hat,horse.and***(UNICORNS)****

  29. anthonyb

    i learned that in different contries there are diffrent ways people count there money H is for hypotenuse

  30. andrewb

    i read that in my home county the use pesos instead of dallors like in europe they use yroues h is for hecadecagone its a reall shape its weid looking:] ????$$$$$$

  31. Katelyn Santiago

    Ok so wait why is a centipede called a centipede if it doesnt have 100 legs? Well anyway this was like kinda a review for me but i didnt know that a thermometer that is used almost everywhere in the world except for here has 100 degrees between freezing and boiling. Also that when a country turns 100 years old they celebrate a centennial and then 100 years after that they celebrate its bicentennial. H is also for horsepower.

  32. Tamara Hogan

    I never really thought about how important 100 was. I also never realized how much one hundred came up in every day life. There are a 100 hundred cents in a dollar, a hundred centimeters in a meter, water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, there are 100 years in a century and the list goes on…. H is also for hypotenuse which is the side that is opposite of the 90 degree angle in a triangle.

  33. Brian B.

    I understand that hundred is used for a lot of things. BUT hundred is like any other number that is also used in a lot of things. Also with out the other numbers hundred wouldn’t even exist the other numbers are just as important than hundred.

  34. issamar

    h is hundred to me i found it very interesting because 100 is a important number to this world even when it comes to money and math

  35. In h is for hundred I learned that “centi” means hundred so every word that has “centi” in it has to do with hundred.One hundred is a very important number because a hundred is involved with many things.For example,like in France there is 100 centimes in a franc,in Mexico there are 100 centavos in a peso and there are 100 centimeters in one meter.H is also for helix,horsepower,and hypotenuse.

  36. when reading this story i was like what is soo great about hundred? then i guess well maybe hundred is better than what all the other numbers stand for. i mean if i didnt understand what the root of centi meant or any other person it be kind of crazy. unlike me i would not have a 100p that would make up a $100 bill in coins.

  37. TRollings

    Hundred: we learned place values in third grade, but i always thought an easier way to make us learn the place of numbers was by making us count back from a million to a millionth and then counting forwaard again and keep reapeating this cycle. cent stands for a hundred wich explain s why a centipeed has a100 legs and percent means out of 100

  38. TRollings

    H is hecto which stands for 7 exampls are hectogon ect. in geomitry hecto means 7 sides

  39. Jeremiah

    One the things I found interesting about this passage is that even though they listed so many things that have to do with 100 they forgot to mention that my grade in math last year was 100%. A lot of people think that centipedes have 100 legs so I was glad that this passage could clarify about how many legs they really have. H is also for helix which is half of what DNA is shaped like because DNA has the shape of a double helix.

  40. I Hernandez

    And I forgot h is for hypotenuse

  41. Maya Matunis

    H is for hundred! Woah! Hundreds are cool! Everyday things are built off of the root word for hundred: centi. Words like centimeter, centipede, and centaur all have the root word centi. Hundreds are basically the base of life, (at least the math root). There are 100 cents in a dollar, 100 centimeters in a meter, and water boils at 100 degrees c. Go 100!
    H is also for hypotenuse, which is the side of a triangle opposite of the right angle, always the longest side.
    Brought to you by the letter h!
    -Maya M.

  42. DaChiara S

    H is for Hundred! A hundred is about as popular as I am. It appears in places such as temperature, money, time spans and many other places. I learned that many people lied to me saying a centipede had a hundred legs when it only has about 30 to 40. The prefix cent is also equivalent to a hundred. H is also for hypotnuse (word is so funny). Hypotnuse is the longest side of a right triangle.

  43. Joy Lynda

    The 100 system is based on the number 10. There are 100 pennies in a dollar, 100 centimeters in a meter, and many more things that involve 100.

  44. Jocelyn Randone

    What I want to know is why did people choose a hundred to stop why not other numbers?, we stop at a hundred for $1 we stop at a hundred for a test so my question is just why????????

  45. ali m

    this article is just something that had to do with many things that involved hunded and collecting things that add up to 100.

  46. Tia Hogan

    I never knew that cent was connected the word hundred directly so it was good for me to know. CENTipede= 100 legs, CENT of a dollar= 100 pennies for a dollar. And by the way i love the beatles picture 🙂 And i never knew how popular the word hundred was until now. H is also for hypotenuse .

  47. emily pichardo

    i think i already knew what a 100 was when i was in 1st grade. i saw the number 100 everywhere i go in math in store everywhere.all i want to know is why is 100 soooo important.

  48. danisya lawson

    i did not know that mostly every thermometer in the world there are one hundred degrees between freezing and boiling. i thought that a person that lived one century was called a centenarian was really cool. there are many different things including the number 100. i didnt know that a country which has celebrated their 100th year was called a centennial. to represent 200 years you put bi in front of centennial which makes that plural all in all i felt that this passage from the book was very interesting

  49. Idalis Gomez

    H is for Hundred brings me back to when we were learning about place values in 2-3 grade. Our number system is based on the number 10, and 10 tens are 100. Like in France there are 100 centimes in a franc, and in Mexico there are 100 centavos in a peso. When I think about 100 always reminds me of the centipede. Even though I knew about this something interesting I found out was the fact that a person who’s lived for about 100 years or more are called a centenarian. H is also for Helix.

  50. michael cruz

    Our number sytem is based on the number ten. Then number hundred is every where. 100 degrees between freezing and boiling. There are 100 years ina centery. When some one turns 100 they are called a centenarian. When a country turns 100 years old the citizens celebrate its bicentennial. There are number of things that the passage goes on about involving the number 100. H is also for horsepower.

  51. chris

    I found H is for hundred interesting.It was interesting because i never knew that the word cent usually means hundred.That people named it a centipede beacause it has 100 legs but it really has 40 or 50 legs.I liked this article because it has alot of information i did not know before

  52. Shaterra

    Hundred is a solid number. In the read it stated that there were 100 cents in a dollar, 100 centimes in a franc and 100 centavos in a peso. Cent- is the prefix/suffix for hundred. PerCENT, CENTimeter, CENTury. All of these words express things that have hundred in them. H is also for hypontenuse which we learned and practiced a lot in 7th grade. A hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle and is used when using Pythagorian thereom.

  53. Uriel

    Hundred is a very basic but massively important number in our everyday life. The book gave many examples of how “one hundred” is used and the way people all over the world like MEXICO, France, and America. People who lived for more than 100 years are called Centenarian, countries that have been around for more than 100 years are called Centennials, and Celsius thermometer goes from 0 to 100 degrees. One Hundred is used in many ways and this number is very important in life.
    “H” is also for hypotenuse. The Hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle.

  54. michael cruz

    I is for if. With word if you can can imagine anything and figure out what would happen if it were true. They give some examples of how to use if. If a million hedgehogs lined up nose to nose to ail could they make a prickly nacklace around the world. If not why not? Another example is if some one gave you a dollor for every math problem you have ever gotten right how much money would you have? I is also for infinite.

  55. arnisha

    I actully learned the difference between the words “centennial” and “bicentennial” . And I also learned that one hundred is an important number in our everyday lives. I found it interesting because I never knew the word cent stood for a hundred.

  56. kaisha k

    in h is for hundred i never knew that someone that has lived for 100 years is called a centenarian.i thought that was cool to learn.when i found out that centipede means 100 feet I thought that a centipede really had 100 legs but , its not true it only has 30-40 legs.i want to be a centenarian……H is also for Hypotenuse

  57. Megan o

    In h is for hundred I learned that a hundred is used a lot. For example, if a person lives for a hundred years they are called a centenarian and when a country turns a hundred years old we celebrate it’s centenniali . I liked how they called a centipede a centipede because somebody didnt want to get t close to him and saw how it had a lot of legs. H is also for hypotenuse

  58. Victor R

    I learned different ways we use 100, for example 100 degrees is between freezing and boiling,and 100 centavos is a peso,100 centimes is a franc.I thought centipedes had 100 legs because people in puerto rico call them 100 feet and here we call them centipedes but the true is they have 30 to 40 legs because people were afraid to get near them to count the legs.people saw many legs and they guess it was 100 legs.
    H is for homerun.

  59. Gabriel Calderon

    This entry of H is for hundred successfully showed that the number 100 is at the center of most societies. But it did not tell us why. It only said that 100 can be easily manipulated, but that is not good enough. There must be some reason why we all have centered around 100 and I want to know why. H is also for helix which is a curve shaped like a spring.

  60. yashiyah

    i like h is for hundred because it makes it clear for us when we want to know new facts on hundred like i did not know that in france one hundred centimes are franc

  61. when you use place value you are actually using hundreds the opposite of a hundred is hundredths which is two places after a decimal to the right.

  62. Caric Appleton

    in h is for hundred i didnt know that our number system was based on 10. i like how this article compares 100 to different objects in the world. things that we use in our everyday lives usally have a limit which is 100. Not only in objectss but in animals too. for example a centipede hass 100 legs. the world/universe evoles around 100
    h could be for hungry

  63. luis lopez

    i never knew that there could more than one hundred things that could have one hundred legs or degrees like the centipede have a hundred legs and the degrees are 100 degrees fahrenheit can go that high. Also H is for Horizontal

  64. brian laro

    h is for hundred was very interesting. It was interesting because i never knew that the word cent usually means hundred. when you use place value you are actually using hundreds the opposite of a hundred is hundredths.

  65. Ronnie M.

    I just noticed something, we actually use the number 100 alot. There are 100 years in one century, there are 100 pennies in one dollar. Our teachers grade us on a scale from 0% to 100%. Water boils at 100 degress Celcius. When I read about 100 I realized just how much we use it. Wow, it also reminds me of how old you are Mr.Garber!

  66. cornelious curry

    our number system is based on the number 10. if u times 10×10 it will equal 100.if u have 100 pennies it will equal one dollar.there are 100 degrees between boiling and freezing. h is for hungry

  67. jacky

    after reading h is for hundred i started to remember learning about place value and how our number system is based on it. knowing that our number system is based on it one hundred has many examples to such as 100= $1.00 or theres one hundred degrees between boiling water and freezing
    h is for hamster

  68. isaiah

    h for a hundred was kind of boring but still had to read it and i realize 100 times any thing adds two 0s

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